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We’ll identify and install the best solution for you.

Beyond the municipal water and wastewater treatment industry, the CoStream platform is available as a service in any setting where there is a need to monitor and collect data. 


Fast and cost-effective, this platform as a service offering is beneficial to all SCADA systems, regardless of industry. From tracking the uptime of your facilities and harnessing actionable insights from your process to implementing cybersecurity strategies that protect your operations and consumers, the CoStream team is here to integrate our open platform into your system according to your personal priorities and objectives. 

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By implementing the latest best practices combined with our slate of security features, we help safeguard your system and assets from harmful malware, viruses, and hacker attempts.  


With in-depth, AI-driven tracking of events within your system, we help identify patterns and potential threats posed by harmful internal activity, whether user error or outside infiltrations.

Asset Management

We build an inventory of your system’s equipment, asset activities, and performance patterns to provide you with valuable insight, notifications, and solutions for further enhancements. 

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In today’s digital world, holistic, always-reliable cybersecurity is more than preferable—it’s essential. Preserve and protect your system’s operations and valuable data with the CoStream range of cybersecurity services. 

Remote Access

Gain remote command of your system and pre-selected actions via secure Cloud communication from the comfort of your preferred device—only accessible when security measures are met.


By enhancing and augmenting your automation capabilities, we help you level up your entire operation, from the day-to-day performance of your operating tech to notifications, reporting, and more.


We’ll help align your entire system of sites and their assets to respond accordingly to certain elements out of your control, like extreme weather and storm activity—always with your direct approval first.

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Gain a deeper understanding of your data and reporting, the objective-driven insights they provide, and the potential of how it can help your system expand upon its current capabilities.


From identifying redundancies to streamlining its collective performance, we’ll gain a complete and intimate understanding of your system and the efficiencies you want to implement.


By helping you locate and eliminate wasteful factors affecting your system, workforce, asset activity, and more, we help optimize your operations and conserve valuable resources.

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Collaborate with the CoStream team on optimizing your water and wastewater treatment systems today.


By creating a visual representation of your assets and how they behave together across your system, we can deliver a user interface customized to your data, info, and desired capabilities.  


Our customizable notification system offers a more nuanced perspective of the event or issue at hand and helps you respond in real time, providing timely updates on its resolution. 


Auto-generate your required reports, individualized to your system’s unique data and metrics, including real-time insights and actionable analytics.

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After your system and our platform are officially integrated, you’ll have access to our suite of managed services, each designed to enhance performance and user experience through powerful peace of mind, actionable insights, cutting-edge convenience, and more.  

Our Managed


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