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Our Proven Process,

Customized to Your


From initial assessment to ongoing improvements, our tried-and-true process is highly collaborative and customized to help harness the very best performance from your current system and technology, providing you with greater control, more capabilities, and valuable insight into your individual operations. 

Phase 01

We gain an intimate knowledge of your process.

Prioritizing collaboration with our clients from the very start, we begin each partnership with a walkthrough of your system, sites, assets, and technology, both information and operative. Equipped with this knowledge, we’ll work with you on the best solutions and tailored services to proceed with, aligning our services to your individual goals and desired results. 

Phase 02

We ramp up by digging deep on the details.

Upon completing an initial survey of your system and technology from a top-down perspective, we get to know your operation at the deepest level, from your OT data and code to an inventory of your connected assets. After laying out and organizing your system sites, serials, and models, we prep everything for integration into the CoStream platform, with our findings and your input in play every step of the way.

Phase 03

We collaborate, integrate, and demonstrate.

At this stage, we’re ready to put our plan into action, building an orchestration tag list and looking back at your system’s code to see how it all comes together with our platform. We start with the most critical components and build them out to ensure proper performance, identifying and remedying any gaps along the way before landing on the right iteration for your operation. We even offer individualized workshops and training to onboard you to your new system.

Phase 04

We lay the foundation for success moving forward.

With our improved platform in place, we bring in the third-party partners required to bring it all online, including integrators from our trusted network who help ensure all objectives are being met and operations are running seamlessly. We then introduce our suite of managed services, each designed to build upon the enhancements put in place, from holistic cybersecurity and proactive monitoring to remote control capabilities and analytics-driven optimization. 

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Collaborate with the CoStream team on optimizing your water and wastewater treatment systems today.

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