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Cyber attacks don’t make exceptions.

But we’ll help you

respond effectively.

The modern digital landscape allows us to introduce the kind of capabilities and enhancements that can truly make a positive impact on your day-to-day operations and long-term success. But where there’s advancement, you’ll find those who see fit to stand in its way. We understand how damaging and disruptive cyberattacks can be on your system’s operating technology and its performance—especially when the wellbeing of the communities you serve are at stake. This is why we’ve made a genuine commitment to safeguard you against them. 

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Our suite of cybersecurity offerings helps protect your system from targeted digital attacks and infiltration, providing ongoing support combined with subject matter expertise not provided by other solutions. We implement protective practices and provide them to you, building confidence and resiliency in your operation and offering the peace of mind needed in today’s current cybersecurity landscape.
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It’s one thing to protect you from outside attacks—we want our clients to have holistic knowledge of all internal actions as well. With continuous capture of activity across your system, we gain insight to the events and patterns of your operating technologies and work with you to improve both security and performance. This second tier of cybersecurity collaborates with equipment event tracking to offer a complete picture of accountability across your system’s entire landscape.

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By understanding your assets and their configurations and usage, we can implement cybersecurity measures that are optimized for your operations. We take an in-depth inventory of your equipment and software to build a comprehensive and ongoing catalog of every tool at your disposal before offering solutions that can lead to further enhancements across your system. 


Collaborate with the CoStream team on optimizing your water and wastewater treatment systems today.

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