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About CoStream

We are your SCADA system 

performance partners. 

reviewing possible areas of optimization

Dedicated to your operations and the communities they serve through customized collaboration and capabilities.  

Originally VZRscada, our company began in 2014 to address a growing need in our industry—to provide the operators and administrators of municipal water systems seamless security, monitoring, and optimization offerings to enhance and safeguard the performance  of these crucial community services using newly accessible tech.


From the development of our trusted platform to the hiring of our CEO in 2022, everything we’ve accomplished has been to benefit our clients and communities. Our solutions and services are inspired by their individual needs and their continued growth will inspire us to evolve alongside them.

satisfaction of reliability improvements
  • We offer more than an ecosystem  of products and services—we’re your trusted collaborator and mission critical partner, co-navigating your systems’ everyday operations to streamline their performance and address issues in real time.

  • We specialize in your systems’ security, monitoring, and optimization through tech that is cutting-edge in capability yet intuitive enough to easily understand and immediately implement.

  • We work to keep the power around a community’s drinking and wastewater within the community itself, providing people the opportunity to control their own destiny.


The value we offer our partners is a reflection of the values we uphold and maintain each day.


Transparent and Accountable Collaboration

As your mission-critical partner, we vow to keep communication, honesty, and utmost accountability front and center. We won’t wrest control away from you, dilute your influence, or minimize your role—nor will we ever tell you to “set it and forget it.” We know the only way to get the results we desire and our clients deserve is through active, always-on, and accountable collaboration. 


Respect for the Tech and Those Who Wield It

Powerfully capable and precision-engineered to make a quick impact on your operations and the communities you serve, the technology powering our products and services comes with the full confidence and knowledge of our team. We understand what our tech can do and fully recognize its value in our work—it’s why we’ve designed our tech to be user-friendly and instinctive.


We Believe in Controlling Your Own Destiny

A major influence on the work we do and the people it helps has to do with communities controlling the decisions around their municipal water. Rather  than larger conglomerates coming in and siphoning independence away from these communities, we allow small- to medium-sized municipal water systems to maintain autonomy and self-reliance.


Collaborate with the CoStream team on optimizing your water and wastewater treatment systems today.

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